PSG is the Procurement Strategy Group of the NEUPC

Members of PSG include; The Head of Procurement for each University or their delegate, The Head of NEUPC and the Head of Operational Procurement at NEUPC.

Access to the PSG meeting and information page is restricted to members of the group. If you require access please contact Lisa Pickup 

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Formulate preferred procurement strategies for the sector and obtain consensus where possible on both those strategies and other matters around procurement and to inform NEUPC on the contracting priorities so that institutions and NEUPC may utilise their resources in the most productive way possible.
  • From time to time, form sub-groups to work on specific initiatives.
  • Support the formation and operation of Working Parties (WPs). Appoint sector members for membership of WPs and to constantly review membership / representation.
  • Represent the co-ordinated views of institutional procurement.
  • Help identify and realise the benefits of collaborative procurement, in its widest sense.
  • Facilitate and promote a culture of collaboration.
  • Act as an informing body for the Board and Management of NEUPC in performing this role.