UK Procurement Bill passing through Parliament

Parliament Bill 1st reading
The new Procurement Bill is currently passing through Parliament, having had its first reading in the House of Lords on Wednesday 11 May 2022. 
This follows the Queen’s Speech on 10 May 2020 which stated that public sector procurement will be simplified to provide new opportunities for small businesses.
The Second reading - the general debate on all aspects of the Bill - is yet scheduled for 25 May 2022.
The Bill is intended to:
  • Create a simpler regime that works better for the UK, reducing costs and improving productivity.
  • Establish a single digital platform for supplier registration, businesses will only have to submit their data once to qualify for any public sector procurement.
  • Give public sector buyers more freedom and flexibility by allowing them to better negotiate with suppliers and to design the buying process to meet the needs of their specific procurement.
  • Enable smaller contracts to be restricted to UK suppliers, as permitted by World Trade Organization rules, and ensuring that procurement activities aid jobs and innovation.

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