Transforming Public Procurement - Government Response to Consultation

Transforming public procurement - preparing for new legislation

On Monday 6 December 2022, the Cabinet Office published their response to the Transforming Public Procurement Green Paper which can be downloaded here.

This document summarises the 619 responses, with over 17,000 individual comments received on the questions in the Green Paper and sets out the Government’s response and detailed proposals.

The benefits of the new proposals detailed in the paper, will be fairer, simple, more flexible and competitive, aiming to be one of the most transparent regimes in the world. Making it easier for small businesses and social enterprises to win public sector contracts. Whilst supporting innovation and reducing costs for both suppliers and the public sector. 

To find out more and read the response click here 

The Cabinet Office hosted two open webinars to share further information on the findings, where we learned more about what the changes will mean for you and a chance for attendees to raise any questions about the plans. For anyone that wishes to view the recoding please click here or   please register for the session below. 

Thursday 13 January 2022, 1pm - 2pm 

You can also watch the short 5 minute video to find out more about the changes and what support will be available to implement them below.