Services to Assist Return to Work - Manned Guarding


As universities look to return students to campus, NEUPC would like to make you aware of some services that you may find beneficial from suppliers on our NEUPC Manned Guarding framework.


The Framework has 4 awarded Suppliers, 2 of whom have provided some guidance below to assist universities at this challenging time.

The framework is available via Direct Award to Constant Security Services. There is also an option to conclude a Further-Competition or use the Desktop Calculator where all suppliers can be awarded to. 


If you want any further information on this framework, you can find more information on HEC or contact Sam Wells, Category Manager.

Constant Security Services

As universities start to take tentative steps to reopening to students and staff, we are at hand to assist and support with this transition in any way we can.

Constant have provided security in HE for over 35-years and while this pandemic is unique, our ability to immediately mobilise qualified, trained and experienced personnel remains unchanged. 

In addition to regular staffing, we have an experienced event team who can be called upon at little or no notice. We can supply from 1-200 personnel to assist with special projects. Historically this has been for graduations, events, visits, exams, demonstrations etc. However, we are now starting to mobilise these personnel to provide support to universities due to the pandemic.

These personnel can be deployed to assist with access and agrees protocols, enforcing social distancing, provide advice and support, provide controlled access using thermal detection equipment, provide property inspections, contingency work within in-house teams and much more. We also have access to a broad range of thermal detection equipment. 

We can provide a free of charge consultation to advise and assist and fully understand the requirement for a high-profile and multi-skilled security service, aimed at the promotion of a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all.

We pride ourselves on our ability to continually find solutions to our client’s problems and will work highly collaboratively to provide the support required at this time.

We have experience with thermal imagining equipment and have partnered with NSI Gold installation and maintenance companies to set up a comprehensive thermal imagining process.

Please contact Adam Lee for further details

Gough & Kelly

Gough & Kelly have been working tirelessly to train and implement procedures for our staff to help indicate and maintain a safe and secure environment for all.  Keeping up to date and understanding how and when guidelines need to be implemented and administered can be a headache. G&K have formally trained staff that are aware of the procedures needed to continue to keep safe, protecting themselves and others, minimising any further potential transmission of the COVID-19 within your teachers, students and visitors.  As part of our services we can support premises in compiling Risk Assessments which will continually assess and amend as new challenges or guidance be announced.  Our security teams can manage buildings with queues, utilising thermal/fever cameras and people counting systems.  Currently we have over 150 security personnel deployed across Yorkshire helping fight this devasting pandemic.

We know that budgets are tight and would offer any NEUPC that contracts G&K will receive 5% of total spend with G&K over next 6 months in PPE, signage, thermal/people flow cameras, etc.

No matter what your requirements are, contact Gough & Kelly COVID Director Ian Crawford.