The New VfM Procurement Assessment

The New VfM Procurement Assessment

Value for Money (VfM) Procurement Assessment

Delivering value through insight


The new Value for Money Procurement Assessment is now available for NEUPC members. 

A sector specific, holistic assessment of 3rd party spend across your institution. A VfM Procurement Assessment will help you identify and prioritise opportunities to deliver greater value for money from your procurement activities.


What is a VfM Procurement Assessment? 


 Provides a comprehensive evaluation of your institution’s 3rd party spend
and identification of opportunities for increased efficiencies

 Looks at total cost optimisation and examines demand, supply and process
improvement opportunities

 Benchmarks against the sector and commercial best practice, based on
detailed spend analysis

 Delivers on-site support and guidance through the assessment process

 Provides a bespoke action plan to help you prioritise and maximise 3rd party cost reduction and efficiency opportunities

 Provides sector specific consultancy expertise at very competitive rates


Low-cost implementation support, if required, is also available through the Procurement Shared Service.

Meeting the Challenge of Change

The sector is under increasing scrutiny and demand to demonstrate value for money. The need for a value for money assessment that focuses on developing the value delivered from procurement has never been greater.

Next Steps
Contact [email protected] to learn more about the VfM Procurement Assessment and to schedule an initial consultation.