Student Information Management Systems (SIMS) Framework Now Live

NEUPC Members can now access the new Student Information Management Systems (SIMS) Framework. This new APUC sector wide framework offers a selection of five suppliers including three suppliers that have not previously been available through an education sector Student Records System Framework.


The purpose of this Framework Agreement is to deliver an efficient and compliant route to market for participating public bodies, by minimising the resource and providing value for money.


The following contractors have been appointed to the framework:


  • Tribal Education Ltd
  • Ellucian Global Ltd
  • Capita Business Services Ltd
  • Unit4 Business Software Ltd
  • Visions Consulting Services Ltd


Benefits of using this framework:


  • A pre-competed and compliant route to market providing a vehicle to centralise procurement spend
  • Mitigation of Procurement risk surrounding EU Procurement
  • Reduction in administrative costs and efforts
  • Provides flexibility to Institutions to determine specific requirements at Call-off Contract in line with the Framework Agreement specification
  • Capped rates/maximum pricing defined and agreed for the duration of the Framework Agreement. This pricing can be reduced further at time of mini competition
  • Effective reporting mechanism to obtain accurate, timely and relevant management information
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – adherence to minimum standards
  • Pre-defined and agreed Terms and Conditions
  • Shared risk and management of Contractors.



For more information, please contact Paul Eagleton at: [email protected]