New Roofing and Roof Maintenance Framework Now Live

New Roofing and Roof Maintenance Framework Now Live

We have recently launched a new framework agreement for Roofing and Roof Maintenance. Each of our members, no matter their size, possess a significant estate in need of maintenance, of which roofing forms a major part.  This is the first framework of its kind for the sector, and covers the following aspects; maintenance of roof surfaces, replacement of roofs, consultancy, surveys, ancillary maintenance items accessed at height. The framework may also include the supply of roofing materials.


This is a regional agreement, available for use by NEUPC members only and is split into 4 geographical lots:


Lot 1 (North - Postcodes: NE, DH, DL, TS):




Lot 2 (East - Postcodes: YO, DN, HU, LN):




Lot 3 (West - Postcodes: LS, WF, S, HD, BD, HG):




Lot 4: (South - Postcodes: NG, DE, LE, NN, PE, CV, B):



There are a number of benefits to be gained from using this framework:


  • Market coverage in the supply base allows direct contact with leaders in the various specialist areas, some of which are not available on alternative frameworks.
  • Significant cash savings (up to 50% on established market pricing).
  • MI reporting at consortia level will be direct and so within control, improving savings reports for members.
  • Direct control of contract management and reviews at consortia level.
  • Potential to achieve additional savings by committing to sole supply contracts.
  • Compliance checks against Health and Safety legislation.
  • Expert category specific evaluators supported the evaluation of bids.
  • Inclusion of some SMEs in the award.