NEUPC Quarter 3 Snapshot Report

NEUPC Quarter 3 Snapshot Report

Following on from the positive feedback we received on our new Snapshot Reports, please take the time to download and read our Quarter 3 Snapshot.


We've listened to the feedback that was provided in the 2018 Members Survey, and one of the areas we've been working on is how we communicate with you, our members, about our contracting progress and pipeline.


Approved at the PSG meeting in October 2018, which is attended by the Heads of Procurement from our member institutions, each quarter we'll be providing you with a new Snapshot report which clearly and succinctly shows you new agreements and provides an update on each category group and the progress of their frameworks.


Everyone on our membership list received the Quarter 3 Snapshot by email on Tuesday 16th April 2019 - if you didn't get a copy, please join our mailing list by completing our short online registration form.


You'll also find the snapshots saved in the Resources section of our website.