Case Study - NEUPC Office Move

Case Study - NEUPC Office Move


After many years at the Leeds Innovation Centre, in March 2018 NEUPC moved offices into Leeds city centre. We saw this as a prime opportunity to make use of the collaborative procurement agreements that make up the heart of NEUPC and used the Furniture Reuse and Recycling Services Framework to furnish our new offices.  We issued a direct award to Right Green Recycle, who are top-ranked for the Yorkshire and Humber region.



Frank Rowell, NEUPC CEO on the office move:


“As we are a small company, we knew that an office move to Leeds city centre would be financially challenging, especially with the provision of furniture. We considered purchasing new furniture, however as a sustainability conscious organisation, we were keen to use as much recycled material as possible.


Right Green Recycle Ltd provided the perfect solution, a company on the NEUPC Furniture Reuse & Recycling agreement that had an excellent understanding of our business needs, providing exceptional quality products for our new working environment.


Using Right Green also saved us over £6k (based on the national average for second hand furniture) and £20k compared to new furniture”.







Bob Dooley, Right Green Recycle:


“Why buy new when recycled will do”.


“At Right Green Recycle we are aware of all the regulations that cover waste generated by businesses, and redundant office furniture/equipment is no different. All of the items we remove are made available for re-use to your organisation for a set period of time, should you require it at a later date. After that the majority of all your unwanted stock is sent off to schools, local businesses, charities and other non-profit-making organisations.


All the furniture we re-used on this project was donated by the University of Leeds. It came from departments such as Dentistry, Geography and the School of Business to name a few”.





You can find full details of the Furniture Reuse agreement, including contact details for Right Green Recycle, on HE Contracts.


For any furniture-related enquiries, please contact NEUPC Furniture Category Manager Mark Hayter at: [email protected]