National Furniture Agreement - Lot 9 - Library

National Furniture Agreement - Lot 9 - Library

Lot 9 of the National Furniture Agreement has now been awarded. This lot covers Library Furniture has now been awarded.  This lot covers the design, supply and installation of furniture exclusively for use in library environments; predominantly shelving and counters. Also in scope is complimentary seating.  Workstations and seating may be sourced through this lot, in addition to Lot 1.


Three suppliers have been awarded to this lot, in ranked order:

  • BOF
  • Portsdown
  • Broadstock


This lot was awarded on 5th September 2019 and will run for 3 years with a possible 1 year extension.


Full details of this lot and the awarded suppliers will be available shortly on HE Contracts. For further information please contact Andy Hughes.