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Legal Services


Legal Services - New Framework Award by APUC

We are pleased to announce that APUC have successfully awarded their new Legal Services 
Framework Agreement. The Framework Agreement will run for three years from 3rd June 2013 to 2nd June 2016, with an option for APUC to extend the duration for up to a further twelve months.  


Fee rates and other commercially sensitive information related to the new Legal Services Framework Agreement will not be published on GeM, however, all other normal information, buyer’s guide, contact information etc – will be published there. Each lot has a separate “rate card”, rates etc are fixed for the duration of the Framework, so will not change over the next 3-4 years.

The technical areas covered by the Framework Agreement are:

  • General Commercial Law
  • Property Law
  • People Matters Law
  • Charity Law
  • A One Stop Shop (all of the above specialism’s in one provider)


Information available:

  • Buyers Guide
  • Rate Cards for:
    • Lots 6-10 Northern England and North Wales Institutions
    • Lots 11-15 are for Central and Eastern England (including London) Institutions


If you wish to receive any further information please contact Cheryl Gibbons


Publication Date: 3 June 2013