Invitation to participate - Low carbon vending

Invitation to participate - Low carbon vending

At the last NEUPC Member Sustainable Procurement Group meeting we discussed the Low Carbon Vending Services project that Sheffield University are currently undertaking.


Vending machines use a lot of energy and with increasing energy prices we want to make sure that when we renew our vending concession that it delivers not only high quality vending and a net income based on whole life costs, but also progressive reductions in operational and embodied carbon. 


Please click here for a short briefing paper that sets out the rationale and context and invites other Universities to participate. This would not be joint procurement but collaborative procurement i.e. to join a 'Buyers Group' of organisations who would be interested in better, more cost effective and low carbon vending services at some point in the future. 


The response from members in attendance was very encouraging and we would like to be able to articulate this interest to the supply chain when we launch a Market Sounding exercise in March.  This will enable us to demonstrate demand to potential suppliers and motivate them to be innovative in their offering.


By collaborating we could have a real impact. In practice collaboration simply entails including the name of your University and approximate scale of your vending services in the market sounding prospectus and agreeing that when you renew your contract you would be interested in buying cost effective low carbon vending services that deliver the required services, to the required quality should they be available. 


Please register your interest by contacting Steph Holmes: [email protected]


Publication Date: 14 February 2014