Creditsafe Software - Additional Member Benefits




Following a market review we are pleased to announce that we have recently expanded the facilities available through the Creditsafe software for members. As well as the credit reports which have been available for a number of years members will now be able to use the facility to conduct compliance checks on Persons of Significant Control in bidding companies, sanction lists and ensure compliance with Anti Money Laundering Regulations.


This facility is being provided as an additional benefit for members at no cost.





Webinar training sessions lasting a maximum of 30 mins have been arranged on the following dates:


>Tuesday 9th April 11am


>Monday 15th April 2pm


>Wednesday 24th April 9.30am


>Thursday 2nd May 1.30pm


Please contact [email protected] to request to be added to the sessions which are booked under NEUPC LTD