Carbon emissions reduction case study

Carbon emissions reduction case study

NEUPC cash and valuables in transit framework supplier continues its commitment to reduce carbon emissions


A supplier on the NEUPC led national ‘cash and valuables in transit framework’ has made a formal commitment to carbon reduction working with the Carbon Trust. This relates vehicle emissions, emissions from gas and electricity, and waste products.


NEUPC and its members are committed to sustainability as an integral part of our business strategy. Sustainable procurement involves socially and ethnically responsible purchasing to minimise environmental, social and economic impact through the supply chain.

To-date, Cash management organisation Loomis has achieved a reduction of over 6 per cent in its total emissions. It is also planning to install bailers in all cash centres to recycle the plastic cash bags that are used for cash transfers.  This will amount to 250 tonnes of recycled material that is not going to landfill and will further reduce its carbon footprint.  

NEUPC asked the supplier on its national framework about the project, what problems it addressed, its achievements and lessons learnt to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable procurement.


A Loomis spokesperson says: “The commitment was to reduce emissions by 2 per cent over two years. To-date we have achieved a reduction of over 6 per cent in our total emissions.”


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Publication Date: 3 December 2014