Creating a COVID19 Compliant Workplace









Here at NEUPC, we have collated a range of resources to support members working from home and supporting those who are planning their return to work. With the extensive range of products and services available from the approved suppliers on the NEUPC Furniture Framework, you can be assured your teams will return to a COVID-19 compliant workspace.  

We believe providing a safe and healthy working environment for all staff members is vital during the current pandemic and our suppliers are available to offer advice on social distancing and products more suited to your institutions. A safe working environment will ensure staff can work efficiently, without worrying about their health. Towards the end of the article you will find the NEUPC Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment framework update, with feedback from suppliers, provided by Mark Hayter, NEUPC Furniture Category Manager.

Please see the list of brochures & documents below - 

Working safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres

Guidance for employers and employees – 11 May 2020

This detailed document issued by the Government, has been prepared by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), in consultation with Public Health England (PHE) and the Health and Safety Executives (HSE). It will help you to understand the risks and consider how to work safely during this pandemic and to prepare you for when office working returns.

Navigating What’s Next: The Post-COVID Workplace

Guidance provided by Portsdown and Steelcase

As we navigate through this crisis, Steelcase will draw on the knowledge of their diverse network of global clients, thought leaders and experts to explore and understand the implications to work, workers and the workplace. Through highlighting issues and solving problems with product and space planning. The document is designed to share strategies that can help organisations.

Hygiene Protection Screens

Price and specification guide provided by Elite Office Furniture

This product and specification guide clearly outlines the variety of product screens available, for both single and double bench ranges, with a vast amount of finishes to choose from to suit your requirements.

COVID19 Workplace Protection Screens

Net price list provided by Gresham

This price list includes the specifications for a variety of products which can be used to assist with social distancing and provide a safer workplace. Products include; barrier screens; glazed and curved vision panels; freestanding desktop screens and standing screens.

72 Hour Home Delivery Service

Seating products provided by Senator

The brochure provided by Senator includes a range of comfortable seating products designed to deal with demanding work environments. All products have been developed to provide high levels of comfort to support members during prolonged sitting periods. Each chair has been created a stylish aesthetic for use in the office or home working environments.

Return to Work Safely – Office Alterations

A range provided by Flexiform

The document focuses on a diverse range of products including desk dividers, shields, bins and temperature screening pods to help manage COVID19 in the workplace. In order to return to work safely we must adapt out current working environments to protect staff. This can be done through social distancing and by considering the products available.

Touch-Free Hand Sanitiser Stations

Services brought to you by Pinnacle

To minimise the spread of coronavirus it is essential we embed sanitiser stations to our workplaces. The stations available at Pinnacle are suitable for indoor locations such as; reception areas, corridors and cafes. Available in different finished and with the option to personalise to adhere with your brand image.

Return to Work – Stay Safe

Guidance by Southerns Broadstock

The impacts of COVID19 are challenging our current ways of working, in order to keep up with the changes we will need to remain open minded and adapt our office spaces. Southerns Broadstock are offering a Return to Work product range to help your institutions by re-evaluating the way you utilise communal areas and accommodate social distancing.  Services include screens, signage, foot pump sanitisers and ranges for home working.

Protective Screens


The Home Working Collection

Provided by BOF

Discover the Home Working Collection by BOF. The brochure includes a range of stylish products which can be easily assembled for your home offices. To ensure a safe working environment the protective screens provided by BOF ensure team members are protected whilst sitting across from one another. For more information on the services provided please contact the supplier; John Tovey at [email protected].

Protective Screens

A design concept by EFG

The document covers products which can be utilised by your workplace to reduce the spread of COVID19 and ensure the safety of colleagues. This includes desk mounted screens and free-standing screens, which can be removed easily to prevent damaging work surfaces.

Back to Work Product Guide 

Homeworking Product  Guide

Provided by Wagstaff

This COVID19 related product summary document focuses on returning to the workplace. Wagstaff are determined to encourage members to adapt and accept the change to the working environment. Through re-imagining the current landscape the approved supplier provides a range of products and services.

NEUPC Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment – COVID19 Update

NEUPC Audio Visual and Furniture Group

As a responsible buying organisation, and on behalf of members, NEUPC has been keeping regular contact with suppliers regarding the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis. FF&E framework integrators were polled for opinion on matters that would help the consortia and NEUPC members understand how framework business is currently being conducted an affected.


The document provides and update along with a summary of responses from suppliers on an extensive range of subjects. This includes:

  • Taking orders
  • Points of contact
  • Production and manufacture
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Fulfilling contracts
  • Getting paid
  • Are contract opportunities being advertised?
  • Are awarded contracts being cancelled or postponed?
  • Are postponed contracts now sat idle, or is forward planning and purchasing being discussed?
  • What support are you able to draw upon?
  • What is your current outlook for business continuity?
  • Measures in relation to framework business

For a full summary please read the document.



Mark Hayter, NEUPC Furniture Category Manager