On this page, you will find regular updates, links to information, training and guidance available to our members to support your work through the transition period. Should you have any questions or need something specific, please contact Lorraine Hayes, Head of Operational Procurement


During 2019, the UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC) worked collaboratively to develop a spreadsheet detailing the Brexit risks associated with the supply of products and services from Framework contracts.  As Brexit draws closer, members will be aware that our contract leads have now revisited this exercise to provide you with a newly refreshed Brexit Supply Chain Risk Report highlighting responses from our national HE supply chain.
The report can be found on our Member resource page - please ensure you are logged in to view this.
This activity enables us to focus our time on addressing and managing supply issues at framework level and will give you information to allow you to prioritise your own activity on areas of strategic importance to your organisation. As you may recall Medium to High risk suppliers have been contacted with a range of questions relating to risk, including: Labour, Supply Chain, Regulatory and Commercial aspects.  This report will continue to be updated regularly over coming weeks as final updates from suppliers come through to the relevant contract leads. 
For more information, please contact Lorraine Hayes.

As we updated in the May eDigest, the new Find A Tender service which replaces TED will be launched at the start of January 2021 when the Brexit ‘Transition Period’ officially comes to an end. We can confirm that Delta BIP, our official supplier of eTendering system and an official eSender, is fully set up for this transition and has been dual publishing for several months to both sites. 

A Procurement Policy Note (PPN 08/20) has been published which includes a full list of companies compliant with the new set up and further details of where any upcoming notices (including award notices) must be published.

PPN: Public Procurement after the transition period

A Policy Procurement Notice has been issued which provides information on how the public procurement regulations will be affected after the end of the Transition Period. The document can be downloaded from the website


Additional Resources

If institutions are importing goods directly, some of the links below may prove informative.  (If buying goods through framework suppliers, or their suppliers, it will be the responsibility of the company to sort out import duties and so on).