Our Commitment

“Responsible Procurement for NEUPC means how we ensure that environmental, social and economic considerations are included in all of our activity on behalf of our members”.  Frank Rowell, Head of Consortium


NEUPC Sustainability Group


NEUPC, in collaboration with Members, meet on a quarterly basis to update on Responsible Procurement and Sustainability issues. The Terms of Reference and meeting minutes for the group will be available on this page as and when they are made available.


NEUPC Human Slavery Act Statement


Our Human Slavery Act Statement shows our commitment to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking have no place in our supply chain and indeed across wider supply chain networks throughout the HE Sector.

Frank Rowell, NEUPC CEO, said “We are working with our suppliers and encouraging the majority of them to complete a sustainability action plan, this plan includes questions specific to knowledge and activity around the Modern Slavery Act. Working in partnership with our members and other HE Consortium we will be embarking on regular measuring and monitoring of this progress, leading to sharing best practice and encouraging innovation from our suppliers in this key area.”


Read the NEUPC Human Slavery Act Statement.



Flexible FW 4 achievement


The framework is a self-assessment mechanism that allows organisations to measure and monitor their progress on sustainable procurement over time. NEUPC are currently achieving Level 4. 



Contacts for sustainability issues:


Lorraine Hayes (NEUPC): l.hayes@neupc.ac.uk