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Right Green Recycle - Helping you adapt to COVID-19

The unwanted furniture we collect is graded and listed on our recycling portal which our customers can use to order recycled furniture at a fraction of the price of new.

Back in March when national lockdown was implemented, RightGreen worked with the NEUPC to provide Free of Charge recycled furniture for homeworkers. During this time, we made over 200 deliveries saving an estimated £50,000 in unforeseen costs to NEUPC members.

Whether it’s clearing a building, Office relocations, storing surplus office furniture or supplying recycled furniture to home workers, RightGreen Recycle have the solution for you. During these uncertain times we understand that ‘the plan’ is constantly changing and we can work with you to not only make the transition easier but also allow you to make these changes in a greener more economical way.

Modifying your existing furniture

To get your office back up and running, we can work with you to create bespoke social distancing screens around your existing furniture with your choice to have them either temporary or permanent.


What we can do for you:

We specialise in building clearances for Higher Education. We can clear your building of unwanted office equipment and furniture and tailor a solution to fit your requirements.

Reuse - Put furniture back into your organisation via our online portal

Rework- We can recover or reupholster you tired furniture to give it a new lease of life

Recycle - Our dedicated teams work hard to ensure over 97% of all items are recycled


As part of our reuse portal, if you no longer require the furniture/equipment these items will be made available to help local communities, schools, and colleges including our Aid 4 Africa Project.

In addition to all of this we will provide your company with a sustainability report outlining your savings both financially and environmentally.


To enquire about any of our services please contact:

Aisling Milne

National Account Manager


[email protected]


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