PPE Framework - Updated Stock Levels










NEUPC have been working closely with CPC, who manage the PPE framework that is available to all NEUPC members, to ensure that we have up to date stock levels for key items available on the framework.

All suppliers on the framework provide an up to date stock level list weekly, which we will publish on our website. Items on the list include: antibacterial gel, face masks, visors, gloves, aprons and thermal scan thermometers. 


You can access the list through the following link:

COVID19 Support Page - Updated Stock Levels from PPE Suppliers 

As we understand that pricing can be challenging for these products at present, CPC have also been discussing price fluctuations for PPE in an ever changing market environment. The suppliers report that in the short term pricing would continue to fluctuate as supply is still lagging behind demand. The 3 month projection however is looking more positive as supply catches up to demand and more stock will be readily available at reduced costs for the suppliers on the framework to procure.


If you have any questions regarding this framework, please contact [email protected] directly.