Removals and Relocation Services framework is now live


The Removals and Relocation Services framework is now live and available for commercial use by NEUPC and other consortia members. Led by the NEUPC, the framework is separated into 4 lots:


  • Lot 1 Commercial Removal and Relocations Services
  • Lot 2 Removal and Relocation of Arts and Artefacts
  • Lot 3 Removal and Relocation of Laboratory Equipment and Furniture
  • Lot 4 Provision of Crate Hire and Purchase


The framework went live on the 1st of February 2017 and will run until the 31st of January 2020, with a possible 1 year extension.

There are several benefits to using this agreement, including; market coverage in the supply base allowing direct contact with leaders in the various specialist areas (some of which are not available on alternative frameworks), CSR issues considered in the evaluation including, compliance with work time directives, carbon reporting and modern slavery, MI reporting at consortia level will be direct and so within control, improving savings reports for members, direct control of contract management and reviews at consortia level and commitment from most suppliers to work with members on careers opportunities / placements.


For more information on this framework agreement and to access the buyer’s guide, please click here or contact Andy Hughes on 0113 344 3958 or email at