1000 suppliers now using Supplier Engagement Tool

It has been 6 months since the launch of the NETpositive Supplier Engagement Tool. Data is starting to emerge that demonstrates the positive impact suppliers to the HE sector are making in relation to sustainability.  


NEUPC is one of 4 of the UK purchasing consortia to spearhead this pioneering project which has now engaged 1000 suppliers and 27 universities from across the UK. The consortia has been providing suppliers with access to the free, online tool that helps them create a Sustainability Action Plan for their business.


The tool is designed to support and develop the supply chain as part of an on-going commitment to embedding sustainability in the procurement process. This enables suppliers to demonstrate clearly their commitment to sustainability and provides a simple yet robust response to the Modern Slavery Act. Individual universities will also have the opportunity to send the tool to their own supply chains through a reduced member rate.


Download infographic


For more information contact Jimmy Brannigan jimmy@netpositivefutures.co.uk or Sheri-Leigh Miles sheri-leigh@netpositivefutures.co.uk