Are Selection Procedures still a procurement barrier for SMEs?

Are Selection Procedures still a procurement barrier for SMEs?

A new research project is calling for input from SMEs and larger firms to measure the impact of selection procedures (once widely known as "Pre-Qualification Questionnaires" or PQQs) on their ability to compete for public sector contracts.

In 2015 the Government banned PQQs in public procurements below the EU tender threshold, after years of complaints that they were a major barrier to SMEs.

Now Jamie Thomas, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Nottingham Law School, is seeking to assess the impact of this major change in UK procurement law.

Businesses with any recent experience in UK public tendering opportunities can take part in the survey,


About: Jamie Thomas is a PhD researcher at Nottingham Law School specialising in reforms to public procurement law aimed at making public procurement more accessible to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Specifically, looking at the evidence behind, and the impact of, the ban on sub-threshold PQQs which came into force in 2015 under the "Lord Young reforms".

He has launched this major data gathering survey which forms a key part of the current research, and is appealing for public sector suppliers (both small and large) to take part. The results of this survey will help improve our understanding of evidence-based public procurement policy, which in the long run should promote a fairer market for firms of all sizes.