Apprenticeship Scheme

Further to the introduction of the government's Apprenticeship Levy, NEUPC is pleased to announce our new Apprenticeship Scheme - the scheme started in September 2017, with multiple start points throughout the year.


Contrary to popular belief, apprenticeships are no longer just for school leavers starting out on their career. Our scheme is designed to enable you or people in your team who may have been considering the CIPS Level 4 qualification.  Apprentices will study the full Level 4 CIPS qualification, plus one module from Level 5, and in the final 6 months of the scheme they will complete a work-based procurement project. 


Normally, this level of study would cost over £2,500 - however you should be able to fund this through your institutions apprenticeship levy.


If you're not sure whether an apprenticeship is right for you, here are some of the key differences between CIPS L4 Diploma and an NEUPC Apprenticeship:


  1. Two qualifications instead of one - in addition to CIPS Level 4, you also get an Apprenticeship graded Distinction, Merit or Pass.
  2. The work based project develops analytical, writing and communication skills which you will find useful in your career
  3. The apprenticeship also includes one unit of CIPS Level 5 Category Management saving £423 if you continue onto Level 5 study.
  4. Your CIPS membership fees and exams are paid for as part of an Apprenticeship.
  5. 21 days classroom based learning instead of 15 days for CIPS Level 4 - a chance to meet with other students and share ideas.
  6. Up to 6 workplace sessions to support Apprentice Progress and the work based project.
  7. 20% off the job study mandatory under apprenticeships, giving you time to prepare for exams and assessments.



Find out more by reading our information sheet and get in touch with our Study Centre Manager, Debbie Shore -